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NameOffice HandlesInterviewerInterviewer HandlesKind of AppointmentAppointment Requirements
9MUSEMichael ImbimboFeature Film, TV, TheaterMonologue Comtemporary 1 Min.All Types. Monologue of Choice, one minute.
About Artists Agency IncFilm, TV, Theater, VO, New MediaRenee GlickerFilm, TV, Theater, VO, New MediaInterviewActors 40+ who have good TV and Film credits looking to reestablish themselves
Access Talent, IncVoice-Overs OnlyLinda WeaverVoice-OversInterview Voice Over TapesAgency Specializes in Voice-over and spoken word representation
Bret Adams, Ltd.Film, TV, TheaterKen MelamedFilm, TV, TheaterInterviewAll Types
Andreadis Talent AgencyFilm, TV, TheaterYvette Rovira or Alexander StineMonologue Actor Choice 1-2 MinsAll ages all types
Arcieri & AssociatesCommercials, VOOffice ChoiceCommercials, VOInterview Voice Over TapesPeople who specifically have interest in the area of voiceovers. Actors may bring VO CD or email mp3 ahead of time
Atlas Talent AgencyVO and On-Camera CommercialsTimothy WalshVO and On-Camera CommercialsInterviewCommercial types on-camera and voice over talent
Don Buchwald & AssociatesTV, Film, Theater, Commercials, industrials, print, voice-overs, music videos & promosKaitlyn FlynnComedians and WritersInterviewWriters and Stand Up Comedians. 18-40
Carlton, Goddard and Freer TalentFilm, TV, TheaterChristopher FreerFilm, TV, TheaterInterview5 Minute Interview. All types. Adults Only, Office Handles TV, Film and Theater
Carry CompanyTV, Film, TheaterSharon CarryTV, Film, TheaterMonologue Actor Choice 1-2 MinsAll ages all types
Carson-Adler Agency, IncFilm, TV, Theater, VO, CommercialsShirley FaisonAdult-All agesMonologue contempPrepare monologue, less than 2 min only, contemporary
Carson-Kolker AF DivisionPrint & CommercialsAlica SkibaPrint and CommercialsInterview Cold Reading5 minute interview. Currently Seeking: All types all ages for print and commercials. Works in association with carson kolker. cold copy will be provided by interviewer
Carson Kolker AgencyFilm, TVBarry KolkerFilm, TVMonologue Comtemporary 2 min or lessactors choice
CESD Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty Talent AgencyTV, Film, Theater, Commercials, industrials, VO, New MediaKerri KrillaCommercials and PrintInterviewHandles youth print, youth commercials as well as adult print
Clear Talent GroupFilm, TV, TheaterJustine BuschFilm, TV, TheaterMonologue Comtemporary 2 min or lessAll ages all types
Cornerstone Talent AgencyFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaSteve StoneFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaInterviewAll types all ages
DDO Artists AgencyFilm, TV, Industrials, Theater, CommercialsJerry KallarakkalCommerciasls and IndustrialsInterview Cold ReadingOn Camera commercial – improve experience a plus. 21 years old and up . cold copy supplied or can bring own copy that is under 1 minute
Douglas, Gorman, Rothacker & Wilhelm, Inc. (DGRW)Film, TV, TheaterNicole WichinskyFilm, TV, TheaterInterviewAdults only for legit representation
Dulcina Eisen AssociatesFilm, TV, TheaterBarry KatzFilm, TV, TheaterMonologue Actor’s choice 1.5 to 2 minsall types but must do monologue (Whatever they are comfortable with) works freelance with an eye toward signing.
Fresh Faces AgencyFilm, TVAggie GoldFilm, TVMonologue 1 Minutewants to see children and young people up to age 18
Generation TV LLCChildren all areasMallory LevyChildren OnlyMonologue Comedic or Dramatic 1-2 MinsAll types under 18, Must do monologue
Glitter Talent AgencyFilm, TV, Theater, CommercialsHilda MorfiFilm, TV, Theater, CommercialsInterview monologue actor’s choice 1-2 mins cold copychildren and young adults who have a youthful look (can pass for 18). Maybe ask to read cold copy
Harden-curtis AssociatesFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaJenne NelsonFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaMonologue Contemporary 1 minSeeking all types for film, TV and Theater. No Children
Henderson/Hogan Agency Ltd.TV, Film and TheatreRachael WagnerSigned Clients OnlyMonologue Actors choice 1-2 mins5 minute interview, Currently Seeking: All types for TV, Film and Theatre, Works with signed clients only
Ingber & AssociatesCommercials, IndustrialsCarole Ingber and Blake LowellCommercials, IndustrialsInterview Cold CopyNo one she has seen before (no children). Ms.Ingeris asthmatic so please no colognes or perfume. Cold copy.
Will meet with Carole Ingber & Blake Lowell of Ingber and Rebecca Yarsin of House Production.
KMRFilm, TV, TheaterAshley LandayFilm, TV, TheaterInterviewSeeking actors with professional training and legit credits.
For film, TV and Theater not commercials or V-0.
Leading Artists, Inc.Film, TV, Theater, New MediaMichael Kelly BooneFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaMonologue 2 short contrasting 4-5 min totallegit actors for film/TV/theate
Must do 2 contrasting monlogues
Metropolis Artists Agency, Inc.Film, TV, Theater, Commercial,Industrials, VO, New MediaMarius BargielskiFilm, TV, Theater, Commercial,Industrials, VO, New MediaInterviewAll types All Ages
The MineFilm TV, New MediaGavin DavisFilm TV, New MediaMonologue contemporary 1-2 MinsLooking for trained actors to work Television series and film I no chi\dren
Meg Pantera AgencyKatie MurphyFilm, TV & CommercialsMonologue Actor’s Choice 1-2 MinAll types except Children.
Paradigm: CommercialFilm, TV, Industrials, Theater , Commercials,VOJenna MagillCommercials, VOlnterviewAll types for voice over narration & promos Will give email address/ business card for emailing demos
LegitFilm,TVMatthew KaplanFilm, TV, TheareMonologue Actors Choice 1-2 minsAll types All Ages for Film,TV. Deals with Signed Clients
Phoenix ArtistsFilm, TV, TheaterDelores WilliamsFilm, TV, TheaterInterviewall types with good credits for TV, Film and theater. No commercials and no background
Plaza 7 Talent Agency NYFilm, TV, TheaterFrancesca Francois-GrimaldiFilm, TV, TheaterMonologue actor’s choice 1 minEspecially actors 20’s to 30’s. Diverse talent for film and TV.
Price Group LLCFilm, TV, Theater, Commercial,Industrials, New MediaSarah LevineFilm, TV, Theater, Commercial,Industrials, New MediaMonologue Actors Choice under 2 minsAll types. All ages over 18. Must do monologue
Professional Artists UNLTD.Film, TV, TheaterScott MurphyFilm, TV, TheaterMonologue Contemporary 2 minutes or lessAll types under 30 and new to business.
Stefanie Talent & EntertainmentStefanieFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaMonologue Actor’s choice 1.5-2 MinAge 18+ All Areas
Stewart TalentFilm, TV, Industrials, Theater, CommercialsPhil CasseseCommercials, IndustrialsInterviewAll types, all ages.
Commercials only.
Can bring own copy and read at interview table.
Stone-Manners Sainers AgencyFilmTim StoneFilmMonologue Contemporary 1-2 minutesall types for independent and feature films signed clients only
Take 3 Talent Agency INCTV, Film, Theater & CommercialsEddie RabonFilm, TV, Theater, CommercialsMonologue Actors Choice 1-2 minsAdults 18 yrs and up for Film, TV and Theatre
Must do monologue
Enter on 41th St.
TalentworksTV, Film,Theatre, Commercials, Industrials & Voice-OversDanielle IppolitoFilm, TV, TheaterInterviewAll Types, all ages. No Children. Special requirements: Must have recent credits (Check credits)
Actors must bring 2 copies of TV/Film scene to read that shows their strengths
U – Shin Group, LLCFilm, lV, Theatre, CommercialsAndrew KimFilm, TV, Theatre, CommercialsInterview Monologue 1-2 MinAll ethnicities. Ages 40+ and kids. Five minute interview with monologue.
U – Shin Group, LLCFilm, TV, Theatre, CommercialsAndrew KimFilm, TV, Theatre, CommercialsInterview Monologue 1-2 MinAll ethnicities. Ages 40+ and kids. Five minute interview with monologue.
Ann Wright RepresentativesFilm, TV, Theater, Commercial, Industrials, VOAnn Wright or Susan WrightFilm, TV, Theater, Commercial,Industrials, VOInterview5 minutes Interviews
All types- trained,experienced actors. Bring CD if available
AudibleAudlobooks onlyMichael Charzuk with Kat LambrlxAudlobooks onlyCopyActors up to 50 years old. Mix of male and female. And not anyone who has auditioned for them or they have seen before.
No exceptions. he will provide copy
Harriet Bass CastingFilm & TheaterHarriet BassFilm & TheaterInterviewAll ethnicities over 50. Ethnic – Hispanic – Asian & African-American all ages Actors must be will ng to got out of town
Eve Battaglia CastingFilm & TVEve BattagliaFilm & TVInterviewEtnic Only: Asian, African-American, Hispanic & Middle Eastern
BLUE MAN PRODUCTIONSBlue Man GroupTim AumillerBlue Man GroupInterviewMen Only 5′ 10″ to 6′ 2″ Fit Early 20’s to Mid 30’s
Play instruments or drum experience a plus
Walter F. Cameron Advertising, Inc.Commercials and Corporate VideosMark PreiserCommercials and Corporate VideosInterviewWomen 20’s – 30’s ethnically ambiguous. All types for commercials
Caparelliotis CastingTV & FilmLauren PortMonologue Contemporary 1-2 MinsTelevision I Film I Theatre Currently Seeking: All types All Ages
Robin Carus CastingTheaterRobin CarusTheaterMonologue Actor’s choice 1 to 1 1/2 MinShort monologue – as part of a 5-minute interview. Be prepared to take direction on your monologue.
Casting Solutions / I Ain’t Playin FilmsFilm, Theatre, Commercials, Voice-Overs & IndustrialsLiz Ortiz-MackesFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaInterviewAll types & All Ages
Howard Cherpakov CastingTheaterHoward CherpakovTheaterMonologue Contemporary 1-2 MinsCurrently Seeking: All types. All Ages. Strong theater credits only. Must be Equity.
Roz Clancy Casting & ProdsRoz Clancy and/or Gail Fields FlowersFilm, Commercials, Industrials, TV, Voice Over, New MediaMonologue Contemporary 1-2 MinAll types I All ages. 1-2 Min. Monologue required.
Comer CastingHeather ComerBackground OnlyInterviewAll types. All Ages. for background work in TV and Film.
JESSICA DANIELS CASTINGFilm – Independent TVJessica DanielsFilm & TVCold Reading1/2 young urban feel; 1/2 blue collar; All ages.
Actor should bring two copies of sides that they feel show them well. 1Min approx.
Donna De Seta CastingFilm, TV,Theater, Commerclal, IndustrialsDavid CadyFilm, TV,CommerciaInterviewCurrently Seeking’ All types All ages for Commercials, Volceovers,lndustrh
Special Requirements: Can provide online link to work demos
Daryl Eisenberg CastingFilm, Theater, New MediaSasha PensantiFilm, Theater, New MediaMonologue Actors Choice 1-2 MinsAll types for Feature andIndependent Films,Theatre and New Media

Must do monologue
Alan Filderman CastingTheater & FilmAlan FildermanTheaterInterviewWants to see actors for theater only.
Sylvia Fay I Lee Genick & Associates CastingTV, Film & CommercialsRonen GevintBackground CastingInterviewAll types for Background work in film and TV
Amy Gossels CastingCommercialsEliza KhanCommercialsCold CopyDiverse actors of all ages; she will provide commercial copy to read
Grandview Island ProductionsMedia that moves PeopleCarol McCannInterviewFinancial advisor types: diversity a plus; appropriately professional and buttoned down. Mid 30’s to 50’s.
Actors may be asked to do a video slate. Production house
Carol Hanzel CastingTV, Film, Theatre & CommercialsCarol HanzelMonologue Contemporary 1-2 mins5 minute interview w/ 1-2 minute contemporary monologue
Herman & Lipson CastingCommercialsBarry ShapiroCommercialsInterviewAll types without representation.
IMPOSSIBLE CASTINGCommercials, Interactive & Digital media & V-0Patricia YeazellCommercials & PrintInterviewAll types. All ages.
Kipperman CastingCommercials. Industrials, VO, New MediaGreg LevinsCommercials. Industrials, VO, New MediaInterviewCommercials, Industrials, VO & New Media
Ken Lazer CastingKen LazerOn Camera CommercialsCold Reading5 minute interview includes copy to be read
Currently Seeking: All types. All Ages.
Special requirements: Must bring own on camera copy
LEWIS AND FOX CASTINGAll but V-0.Jamie FoxAll but V-0InterviewAll types / All ages
Liz Lewis Casting Partners, lnc.Film, TV, Theater, Commercial,Industrials, VO, New MediaAngela MickeyFilm, TV, Theater, Commercial,Industrials, VO, New MediaInterviewAll types for Television, Film,Theatre, Commercials and Voice Over
MARTINE CASTINGMartine DorfmanCommercialsInterviewAll types. All ages.
Mccorkle Casting Ltd.Film,TV, Theater , New MediaJeffrey DreisbachFilm, TV, Theater, New MediaInterviewSeeking All types for film, TV and theatre
Donna McKenna CastingTV, Film & CommercialsDonna McKennaMonologue Contemporary 1-2 Min5 minute interview.
Will accept reels or reels can be e-mailed after interview
MEDIA INCproduction HouseDoris SilkInterviewwants to see ethnicities mostly. Bring headshot & resume or selfies. lntervl only but may bring sides.
Orpheus Group castingTV, Film, Theater ,Voice-Overs & commercialsMaria Nelson & Ellyn MarshallTV. Film, TheatreInterviewAll Ages·All types for Television, Film, Theatre
Kristen Paladino castingFilm, TV, Commercial, Industrials,VO, New MediaSteve StancatoFilm, TV, Commercial, Industrials,VO, New MediaInterviewCommercial Actors, Film Actors
Rita powers Casting GroupAll areas & backgroundRita PowersAllInterviewAll types 5 minute interview
Scott Powers ProductionsProduction HousePowersAll AreasInterviewAll Types All Ages
Tara Rubin castingTheaterClaire BurkeTheatreMonologue Actors Choice 1-3 minActors with theatre training or cred ts;
“choose monologue which best represents th• work you’d like to do”
Jen Rudin CastingTV, Film & AnimationJen RudinInteview5 minutes intetview may ask for monologue. All ages All types
Selective Casting by Carol NadellVideo, Industrials, WebcastsCarol NadellIndustrials, Live events and InteractiveMonologue Contemp 1-1.5 MinMust do monologue
Something close to them that they identify with
Ilene Starger CastingIlene StargerFilm, TV & TheaterMonologue Actors Choice 1-2 minsAll ages All types
Theatreworks/USATheaterJason BlitmanTheaterlnterviewMusical Theatre actors in their 20’s
Brooke Thomas CastingCommercialsBrooke ThomasCommercialslnterview3 minute appointments
All types for on-camera commercials
School of Visual Arts CastingTV, Film, Theater, Commercials & IndustrialsDestiny LillyFilm, MedialnterviewSeeking actors to work in class assignments for Film and Vide
Also seeking actors for about 100 student film projects per year.
All types all ages for principal work only under SAG-AFTRA student film agreement.
Vitamin Enriched FilmsCommercialsJoseph CoburnCommercialsInterviewActors with Special skills (Cooking, Sports, etc.) for commercials. Always looking for real people with real skills. Must be willing to hold conversation.
Voxpertise IncAudiobooksRobin MilesAudiobooks onlyCold CopyAll ages all types for audiobooks. read cold copy or actors may bring ipod with long form demo (no commercial demos) will provide copy if needed.
Grant Wilfley Casting IncBackground for Film, TV, Commercials, New MediaAlex CodyBackground for Film, TV, Commercials, New MediaInterviewAll types for Background work only. For films, TV and commercials
Hampton ModelsPrintAllie Creswell & Caroline BensonPrintInterviewCurrently Seeking: All Types for print. Looking for mostly adults up to 75 years and a few under 20’s
Rick Miller Agency IncPrintRick MillerPrintInterview5 Minute Interview. Currently Seeking: All types for print.
ABC/TV STUDIOPrimetime CastingErica Hart/Marci PhillipsPrimetime CastingMonologue Contemporary 3 MinutesDiverse Types Preferably comedic. credits will be checked.
Bowling/Miscia CastingPrime time casting Gotham & I RobotMichael RiosShow Casting1-2 Mins Cold ReadingFor principal work only. Credits to be checked. Actor must supply own copy/sides not commercial copy 1-2 Min
Jennifer Eusten CastingTVSJ Allocco & Jennifer EustenTVMonologue contemporary 1-2 min“Orange is the New Black.” Seeking character men and women over 18.
John Ort CastingJohn OrtMonologue Contemporary 1-2 minutesCurrently casting “Ozark” for Netflix with Al.exa Foge\ Casting.
Must do a 1-2 minute monologue. Credits will be checked.
Judy Henderson & AssciatesFilm and TVJudy HendersonFilm and TVMonologue Contemporary 1 1/2 to 2 MinOffice Cast “Homeland.” Looking for actors in mid 20’s to early 30’s ethnic only for principal work. No one she knows; / credits will be checked.
Suzanne Ryan CastingTVSuzanne RyanTV1-2 Mins Cold CopySeeking diverse actors who can play ethnic and criminal types.
Sides will be provided tor a reading.
Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonTVBrandon DubeanskyTVMonologue comedic 3 minutesAll types for skit work.
Can be comedic monologue or improv sketch not to exceed three min.
Tucker Meyerson CastingTVKim Krakauer or CJ MolidorTVInterviewAll types for Principal work only; 5 minute interview
Warner Brothers TVTVMeg SimonTVInterviewAll types for Principal work only; 5 minute interview