Acting Headshots

Acting headshots are a critical component of an actor’s promotional materials. They are used for casting calls, resumes, and online profiles, and can often make the difference between getting noticed by casting directors and being overlooked. A well-done acting headshot can convey an actor’s unique personality, style, and range, helping them stand out from the … Read more

Professional Headshots in NYC

In a city like New York, where the entertainment and corporate industries are thriving, professional headshots are an essential tool for actors, models, and business professionals. A well-done headshot can make a big difference in getting noticed and landing opportunities in these highly competitive fields. Professional headshots are typically used for promotional materials, casting calls, … Read more

Child Actor Headshots

Child actor headshots are an essential tool for young actors looking to make their way into the entertainment industry. A great headshot can be the difference between being noticed by casting directors and being passed over for another actor. In this essay, we will explore what makes a great child actor headshot, why they are … Read more

7 Key Differences Between Headshot and Portrait

In article below, I’ll briefly discuss several key differences between headshot photography and portrait photography. I will also include some photo examples from my portrait and headshot images from my archives. I hope this guide will help you to learn more about differences between headshots vs. portraits and learn what suits your needs best. 1. USE One … Read more

Actor Headshots: Everything You Need to Know

Headshots are the key to breaking in as a professional actor. It’s just a fact. It doesn’t matter how brilliantly talented you are; without the right headshot, the chances of anyone taking the time to discover that brilliance plummet. Headshots for actors are like business cards for busy corporate climbers or stunning Instagram grids for aspiring influencers. An actor’s … Read more


When most people get headshots, they typically only need one or two. This is standard for corporate types who work in a business setting. However, actor headshots are a completely different ballgame. Not only do actors need to have consistently fresh headshots, but they also need multiple looks. To achieve all of these different looks, you’ll need … Read more

Acting Headshots 101: What Every Actor Must Know

Acting headshots are one of the key marketing tools for aspiring thespians. It’s important to get a set of at least cheap headshots done the minute you decide to pursue acting and start applying on casting websites. Snapshots are largely looked down upon, and will make you look unprofessional, so steer clear of having your friend take your … Read more


If you want to be taken seriously by casting directors and get called in to audition you need to be professional.  Their first impression of you is your headshot.  You must get it right. Here’s the Acting headshot tips that will get you that great headshot. DO YOUR RESEARCH The number one thing you can … Read more